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It's easy to assume that generic software packages like MS Office, QuickBooks or ACT! can solve all business problems. It's also easy to assume that by using the latest versions of such software or having a faster Internet connection or buying the latest hardware will give a business the much needed competitive advantage.

However, the reality is that these actions can be easily and quickly copied by your rivals. Such competitive advantage is short lived and not that significant.

The big question is how to gain a real competitive advantage that will not be so easy to copy. How to gain competitive advantage that allows you to reach and serve a lot more customers than before. We are talking about advantage that only your business has, making it unique, giving it an edge.

Custom software provides competitive advantage

Yes, custom software can save days or even weeks of your valuable time. And yes, it can give you access to a lot more customers. Actually it can revolutionize the way you do your business.

Consider the following ways in which customized software can give a business advantage:

  • establish and enforce a process that will drive your daily collaboration among your employess, customers and suppliers
  • enable faster and less error-prone communication
  • eliminate the paperwork
  • free up your employees from the tedious tasks of entering data from one system to another
  • react to the customers needs faster
  • perform calculations easily
  • and many more...

Our experience building custom software

Separate business problems quite often require very different approaches when solving them in IT. The IT solutions that are applied in the restaurant businesses are very different from those of the web hosting companies. While our experience does not span 100% of the economy sectors, we do have understanding of the following areas:

  • Trading software development
  • Online Banking solutions
  • Web development using Content Management Systems like Drupal, Joomla, Sharepoint as well as more customized solutions built using Java or .Net platforms
  • Accounting solutions integrating Intuit QuickBooks with other off-the-shelf or custom software using QuickBooks SDK.
  • Integration with payment processing websites like PayPal.
  • Tens of years of experience working with large IT teams developing big software projects for large corporations in financial sector.
  • Building software products used by tens of thousands of users around the globe.

Please contact us to request more information about our software development process, prices and to request a proposal.