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Nine years work experience specializing in web-based/Java applications. Excellent communicator with technical and non-technical audiences including “c-level” customers. OOAD with experience in full life-cycle software development. Technical lead and/or system designer for several projects. J2EE Java system design with Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss. Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer, Sun Certified Business Component Developer. Specific business development experience with ERP applications in CRM and some accounting modules.

Most Notable Achievements

  • Implemented product portal strategy to allow single point of deployment for all of Premier’s products, tools, and information.
  • At Wachovia bank led a group of four other developers implementing a workflow application for commercial loan processing. Successfully replaced legacy applications with enterprise-ready web-based versions while helping to formalize the loan process.
  • Designed and developed revenue-generating application for Wachovia's commercial banking customers, allowing commercial customers to customize account alerts, received 3 Shared Success awards.
  • Delivered product enhancements for release including wireless application support for PeopleSoft Inc.
  • Successfully designed, developed, and implemented executive information system at VF Services, Inc.
  • At NetUnlimited Inc. eveloped relationships with several clients that resulted in service contracts.
  • Created a comedy / music website that generated 1 million visitors per year and was featured on MTV, VH1 channels and several TV shows.

 Technical skills

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux

Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, Ruby, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, XML/XSL, CSS, VBScript, ASP

Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, DOM, JTA, JMS, ADO, JUnit, TestNG, Hibernate 2/3, Axis, Spring, Wachovia's Titanium

MS SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), Oracle (PL/SQL), DB2, Sybase, Informix

WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Borland/Together Soft Control Center, Star UML, CaliberRM, SubVersion, CVS, VSS, StarTeam, PVCS, WSAD/RAD 6.0, Eclipse, Intellij, JBuilder, Visual C++/Visual Studio .NET, Rational Purify memory profiler, McCabe cyclomatic complexity, Maven 2, Ant, SSH Secure Shell, TOAD, telnet, WebSphere MQ


  • Health care
  • Financial: commercial loan management; online access
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Computer support
  • Website development

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