Testimonials & references

While at Wachovia Securities

"... I have found him to be highly qualified in many technology skill sets including fava, SQL, relational database design, real-time messaging, concurrent processing and system design... I've been very pleased with his ability to self direct and meet deadlines...

Additionally, Mr. Zilinskas is proactive and does not accept 'status quo'."

Lance Read, VP Technology

Wachovia letter of recommendation in PDF

While at No Magic Inc

"... Mr. Zilinskas served as an excellent ambassador of No Magic in carrying out such on-site client presentations. Mr. Zilinskas has excellent written and spoken English skills. His ability to communicate with the clients was a foundation for success with clients and prospects."

" ... He was the first person in No Magic who learned the Java programming language and successfully applied this knowledge in one of the first No Magic projects. Until his departure from No Magic, he has been responsible of the application of Java technology in No Magic."

" ... Mr. Zilinskas is a reliable and responsible 'self-starter'. Once given a direction, he does not require constant supervision or guidance from upper management in performing his daily tasks needed to achieve goals. Taken all of the above into consideration, Mr. Faustas Zilinskas would be a great asset to your organization."

Victoria Girdziunas, Vice President

No Magic letter of recommendation in PDF


While at Strategic Staffing Solutions - Lithuania

"... During this time Mr. Zilinskas demonstrated a strong knowledge in object oriented programming and design. He proved his ability to work as a senior programmer, a project manager or a consultant. I would recommend Mr. Zilinskas as a good IT professional, diligent and disciplined employee."

Simas Petrikis, General Manager

S3 Lithuania letter of recommendation in PDF


While at Strategic Staffing Solutions Inc - USA

"... As a senior member of the Bank's development team, Mr. Zilinskas lead the design effort and demonstrated his strong knowledge of object-oriented programming and design techniques. Not only did Mr. Zilinskas contribute to the success of his assignments, but he also showed his ability to work as a team leader, project manager and expert consultant.
I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Zilinskas as an outstanding senior IT professional, who is diligent, disciplined worker and a stong team player."

Mark Rabinovitz, Vice President

S3 USA letter of recommendation in PDF



Tekmetrics C++ Programmer certificate