Arturas Katutis Profile - Software Development Charlotte -

Arturas has over 8 years of commercial experience in software design and development using client-server and service-oriented architectures. It includes 7 years of .NET C# experience and 1 1/2 years Java experience. 1 year of experience working as a technical lead.
Arturas is proficient and certified in C#, Java, C and C++. One of his strengths is Winforms development and GUI development in general (including ASP.NET and Windows Presentation Foundation). He has perfect OOD and Software Engineering skills as well as great communication skills.

Most Notable Achievements

  • At MidPoint systems designed and implemented GUI framework for a touch-screen based POS system.
  • At Baltic Software Solutions worked as a senior software developer on a number of CRM and ERP project for various European Union based clients. The prevailing technologies used were Winforms and MS SQL Server.
  • While working at "Sonex Sistemos", created technical documentation for a number oh high visibility projects for some of the largest Lithuanian organizations: "Vilniaus Bankas", "MasterFoods", "AviaBaltika" and Lithuanian Government.
  • Implemented the website for the most popular business news website in Lithuania "Verslo Zinios". Some of the features included: security system that allowed adminstrator control over website users; a Java applet for displaying stock information; integration with Microsoft's ActiveDesktop. Also prepared the hosting environment for the website: Linux operating system. firewalls and other services. Technologies used included Java 1.2, Servlets, JSPs and MySQL.
  • Worked as software developer and webmaster for one of the largest Lithuanian brokerage companies "Jusu Tarpininkas". Responsibilities included the development of a website for Lithuanian Association of Financial Brokers. Implementation of interactive chart for tracking of securities prices and various indexes.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris


WPF, Servlets, SOAP

MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySql, PostgreSQL


Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, Visio


  • Software development and outsourcing
  • Financial brokerage


  • Microsoft certificates:
    • Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
    • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Brainbench:
    • C# (Master),
    • C++ (Master),
    • C (Master),
    • Java2,
    • Java1,
    • RDBMS Concepts,
    • MS Access 2002 Fundamentals,
    • HTML 3.2,
    • MS Excel 2000,
    • Typing Speed & Accuracy
  • IT Guru 2004: diploma for the second place in IT Guru competition
  • Estonian Winter School in Computer Science 2004 – presented a paper on "C# .NET code optimization"

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